Welcome to LIFE Camp

What is LIFE Camp?

LIFE Camp is a camp designed to train Christian kids 3rd through 12th Grade (most recent school year) to be stronger and more effective in the faith. It will be a week of fun and intense spiritual training to bring children closer to their Lord and prepare them to take a stand for Him. It is also a good chance for kids to meet other committed Christians their age. Our name stands for Living In Faith Effectively. We feel there is a need for an effective living out of our faith. We want to be an encouragement to children not to conform to the world, but by faith, to live a dynamic Christian life.

Why a Camp?

Christian camps are a wonderful tool for ministering to children today. They provide a unique opportunity for children to break from their everyday life and enjoy a new setting while being totally immersed into a Christian atmosphere. Camps provide an environment for social interaction unparalleled by other institutions. People who would otherwise never meet become brothers and sisters for a short period of time. Of course, one key to the success of camps is that they are fun. Kids look forward to attending and remember camp as a great experience. This helps camp to have a lasting effect on children. They remember what happened, what they learned, and the decisions they made.