Frequently Asked Questions

Who comes to LIFE Camp?

LIFE Camp is for Christian kids who were in third through eighth grade in the most recently completed school year. LIFE Camp is not an evangelistic camp, but rather is designed to provide in depth teaching for kids from Christian families. A substantial portion of our campers are homeschooled. We also have many kids from Christian schools and public schools. Most campers come from the California Central Coast, but we have had campers from other parts of California, as well as Nevada, Alabama and Georgia.

How is LIFE Camp different from other Christian camps on the Central Coast?

LIFE Camp is not affiliated with any of the other excellent camps in the area. Each camp has its own mission. Ours is to serve kids from Christian families who already have a basic understanding of the Gospel and a commitment to the Bible.

Where does the LIFE Camp staff come from?

LIFE Camp staff members are generally from local churches. All have been carefully selected, and have submitted a written testimony, and a reference letter from a leader from their church. Many staff members are former campers. Others are parents of campers. All staff are volunteer.

What is the deadline for the early discount?

The camper application and $30 deposit must be received by June 30 for a $30 per person discount. The balance is due by July 31.

Are there scholarships available?

Yes. If you need financial assistance please indicate so when you submit your camper application.

How is LIFE Camp supported?

LIFE Camp is primarily supported by the camper registration fees. In addition, a small portion of our budget is funded by personal donations. We are vigilant about financial responsibility, and strive to maintain low costs to avoid being a financial burden to parents who want to send their children. If you are interested in donating toward camp or sponsoring a camper, please contact:
Jake Rothman at 805.286.6378 or

What version of the Bible does LIFE Camp use?

LIFE Camp uses the New King James Version for teaching and memory verses. Campers may use another translation (not a paraphrase) for memory verses if that is what they are used to using. They should be aware that most campers and staff will be using the NKJV.

My child has a learning disability and has a hard time learning memory verses. Can I get them in advance?

Yes, just contact Jake Rothman at 805.286.6378 or

What is the dress code?

It is important that campers and staff dress modestly, as befitting Christians. Shorts should extend to at least the fingertips when the arms are straight at one's side. Short midriff shirts and low cut shirts are not acceptable. Tight fitting clothing should be avoided. Girls' swimsuits should be one piece or a t-shirt should be worn as a cover-up. Also, campers should bring appropriate footwear. Athletic shoes are best for playing field games, and sandals or old sneakers (not flip-flops) work best for creek walking.

Do boys and girls swim together?

No, there are separate swim times for the girls and the boys.

My child has never been away from home before. Can I have him/her call me during the week?

Because LIFE Camp is a very safe away from home environment, we often get kids who have never been at camp before or who have never even spent a night away. Our experience is that homesickness is best dealt with by encouraging the children to get involved in the activities and to get to know the other campers. Phone calls may help as a last resort, but generally they cause the feelings of homesickness to intensify. We do encourage parents to write letters to their children during the week. Letters can be delivered on Monday when you drop off your kids. Just write what day of the week you want the letter delivered to the camper. Letters can also be mailed to:

Attn: (Camper's Name)
3067 Upper Lopez Canyon Rd.
Arroyo Grande, CA 93420

Please do not mail letters to the camp until the week of camp, as there are other camps that use the campground before us.

Can I call my child at camp?

Phone calls from home are not recommended, but it is understandable that in a special situation (e.g. emergency, birthday during camp, etc.) you may need to reach your child. The phone number during camp week only is 805.481.9313.

Who do I contact for more information?

Feel free to contact Jake Rothman at 805.286.6378 or

I am not sure. Can I talk to other parents who have sent their kids in the past

Of course. Just let us know and we will arrange for you to speak with parents who have sent their kids to LIFE Camp.

Where do kids sleep?

Campers sleep on bunk beds in dorm-style rooms. Campers are paired with others their age. Each "cabin" generally has 4-7 campers and 1-2 counselors.

What is the weather like? What clothes should I pack?

Lopez Canyon tends to be pretty temperate, but can get warm during the day. Nights and mornings tend to be very cool. We recommend cool clothing that is conducive to playing sports, as well as some warm clothing for when it is cool. Pack plenty of socks, as campers sometimes soak their shoes and socks in the creek. An extra pair of shoes or strappable sandals for walking in the creek is highly recommended.

What else should my child bring?

All campers should bring a Bible, preferably a New King James Version. Campers should bring enough clothes for six days, with some extra just in case. Campers should bring a modest bathing suit, and a towel. Of course a pillow, sleeping bag, and toiletries are necessary. Stamps, paper and envelopes are also a good idea so your child can write you. Disposable cameras are recommended. If your child plays an instrument, he or she might want to bring that for the talent show. Pianos are not recommended as we already have one in the chapel. Some campers also enjoy bringing books to read, and props for skits.

What should I not send with my child?

Money is not needed, so we recommend campers not bring any to avoid any risk of losing it. Please do not send cell phones, music players, video games, pocketknives or matches with your child. We strongly discourage campers from bringing candy or snacks as we provide those and want to avoid campers getting too much sugar or attracting bugs to the cabins.

My child is planning on coming with some friends. Can they be in the same cabin?

Please write any such requests on the camper application. We will do our best to accommodate all requests, but cannot guarantee that every camper will be with every friend requested. Age is an important factor in cabin assignment as the counselors need to gear the devotions discussions to the age and maturity of the campers. Please note that even if two campers are in different cabins, they can probably still be together almost all of each day.

Can I request a specific counselor?

Yes. We will do our best to honor all such requests, but cannot promise that every camper will get his or her first choice. All of our counselors are well qualified and have a heart for the Lord and for children. Often kids think their counselor from the previous year was "the best counselor ever", only to have a new "best counselor ever" the following year.

What are the fun activities?

Campers will enjoy playing on the field both during game time and free time. There is a pool with a certified lifeguard, and swim time is always very popular. In addition, there will be hiking, and playing in the creek. Some kids enjoy sitting under the shade of the giant oak trees to read during free time.

What is this I hear about a talent show?

The talent show is one of the most popular events at LIFE Camp. Campers can perform on their own, or band together with others to perform. Popular acts include singing, skits, and songs on musical instruments, among other things. Talent is not necessarily required.

If I want to follow up with my child after camp, can I have access to the curriculum?

Yes. In fact, we encourage parents to spend time with their children after camp discussing what they learned. We give handouts and strongly encourage the children to take notes. Additionally, if you want copies of the lessons, please contact Jake Rothman.

I've missed the July 31 deadline, but I am still interested in sending my child. Is it too late?

Maybe not. Call Jake Rothman at 805.286.6378 to find out.

My child has special needs. Is LIFE Camp able to accommodate him or her?

Please let us know of any special needs in advance. We will do our best to accommodate everyone we can, but will also be honest about our limitations.

Is it ok to send medication with my child?

For safety reasons, all medication, including over the counter, must be turned in to the camp nurse on Monday morning. The nurse will administer meds as necessary.

This sounds great! Is there anything I can do to help out?

Absolutely. Please contact Jake Rothman if you would like to learn about becoming more involved.

What if I need to contact someone during the week of camp?

Cellphones and email reception are very limited at camp. To contact the camp director or other staff during the week of camp, please call the camp number.